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At Power Stroke Electrical Consulting Inc., we offer a comprehensive range of electrical services to ensure the smooth operation and safety of your home or business. Our certified electricians are highly skilled and experienced in handling all your electrical needs, from minor repairs to complex installations and upgrades.

Residential Services

Commercial Services

Industrial Services

Industrial Services

Lighting Upgrades

Brighten your space and save energy with our LED lighting solutions. We offer a variety of options to enhance your home or business ambiance and efficiency.

Install A Ceiling Fan & AC

Improve air circulation and comfort with a stylish and functional ceiling fan. Our electricians can expertly install your new air systems, ensuring proper electrical connections and safe operation.

Backup Generators

Keep your power on during outages! We install and maintain reliable backup generators, ensuring your home or business has the power it needs, even in emergencies.

Wiring Upgrades

Ensure the safety and efficiency of your electrical system with our comprehensive wiring upgrades. We handle outdated wiring, increased power demands, and can bring your home or business up to code.

LED Lighting

Embrace the future of lighting with energy-saving LED installations. We’ll help you choose the perfect fixtures to illuminate your space efficiently and beautifully.

Insurance Inspections

Get peace of mind with our pre-inspection services. We’ll ensure your electrical system meets safety standards and help you pass your insurance inspection with confidence.

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